XILINA hydro printing tank 125x100x70cm

XILINA hydro printing tank 125x100x70cm

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All HYDRA WTP tanks are made to order due to the multitude of options and configuration details. Consult our staff through the usual means of contact: 

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Working measures: 125x100x70cm

This is one of the models most demanded by armories and upholsterers due to its size and economy of resources. Given its light weight, it is very suitable for demonstrations and travel. Highly demanded also in the bodywork teaching sector. The components used are of the highest quality, Certified and Guaranteed.

Stainless steel 
Working dimensions: 125x100x70cm
2-3KW resistor 
Recirculation pump with double filtration 
Control panel for pump, heater, thermostat and 
Countdown with acoustic warning. 
Hose with spray tap for washing parts in the 
same tank. 
CE marking 
3-year warranty, except for resistance and pump