About us

HYDRA WATER TRANSFER PRINTING is a company born in 2013, with a young team dedicated exclusively to the technique of hydro printing. Specifically for the sale and supply of materials and machinery necessary to carry out hydroprinting, both at a private and professional level; as well as the training of future professionals in the hydro-printing sector.

Our physical store, showroom and warehouse are located in Calle Digonal, nº 17, Alicante.

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So that you know us a little more, this is ours mission, vision and values as a company:

The mission of Hydra Water Transfer Printing is to provide the services derived from the technique called Hidroimpresión, specifically the delivery of training courses on its application, the sale of materials and machinery necessary for its development.

The vision of Hydra Water Transfer Printing is to be a benchmark in training services and the development of the necessary technologies related to the Hydro-printing technique in the European market.


We know that our work is our best business tool. Satisfying a customer makes him a forerunner of our technique and our brand.

Work dynamics are fluid and efficient, the level of trust among workers is high, and relationships are highly productive. That same trust is transmitted when dealing with customers.

Transparency and open culture:
It is necessary that the members of the company can access the data or statements of accounts of collective interest. The business is open to promote the participation of its members in decision-making.

You must become aware of the decisions that are made during business management. This responsibility is both internal and external: towards the workers themselves and towards clients and the environment in general. In addition, it supposes the respect of certain norms and laws.

We present ourselves to society as we are, and we are clear that each of our actions must be regulated by morality.

Availability to change:
We are ready to adopt changes when necessary. We know that not being so generally means ceasing to be productive in the medium or long term. We pursue technological innovation and the search and opening of new markets.

We are passionate about our activity and we try to inspire this passion for our activity. Our passion makes us fight every day to improve what we offer.