Privacy Policy

As a company present on the internet, we comply with the RGPD on the care and protection of your personal data. Thus, in addition to accepting the Cookie Policy of HYDRAWTP, you have to know and fulfill our Privacy Policy, which has clear and complete information for the purposes of collecting, using, storing, treating and protecting your Personal Data. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the Privacy Policy before registering or even browsing the HYDRAWTP web pages and platform.  


  In order to make our privacy policy easier to understand, we have compiled the type of data and the definition that applies to each one so that you know their meaning.  
  • Registration data: affiliation, address (including email address), personal qualification, understood as name, surname, marital status and occupation of the User.
  • Data message: data relating to the natural person. They are all the data that can be used directly or indirectly to identify a person, for example: name, photos, email, bank details, medical information, geolocation, telephones, messages on social networks, IP address, etc.
  • Processing of Personal Data: any operation that contains Personal Data, such as those related to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication , transfer, diffusion or extraction.

1) Collection of personal data and information

  First of all, it is important to highlight that it is essential for HYDRAWTP to collect, store and process the personal data obtained from users, in order to enable the provision of the services offered through its web platform (contact, purchase, etc. ). In this way, it is important that you know and expressly and unequivocally accept that HYDRAWTP collects, receives and stores Personal Data and information automatically on its servers regarding the activities resulting from the users' browser, which includes geolocation. , IP addresses, cookies or other identifying character sequences, as well as information about transactions carried out through the platform. It is important to note that some personal data is necessarily collected by HYDRAWTP in order to enable the execution of the service contract signed with the Users, as well as in the legitimate interest of allowing the function of the website, such as a purchase process. In addition, it should be remembered that in order to carry out a transaction on the HYDRAWTP website, you must fill out a form with the shipping and billing information and, therefore, provide your full name, date of birth, identification document (DNI, NIF and / or CIF), telephone, address and email address, as well as creating an access password that will be your exclusive knowledge. You are aware that it is your entire responsibility to provide true, accurate, current and complete information when registering to access the Platform. We recall that supplying incomplete or false information is a crime typified by law and can result in a severe sentence for those who execute it.  

2) Control of registration data by users

  Each user has control of the Registration Data contained in the profile created in HYDRAWTP and can access and modify them by using their username and password. We remember that the username and password are individual and known only by the user himself, who must ensure the confidentiality of said data. HYDRAWTP is not responsible for the way in which this data is used by the User. Users will be able to update their HYDRAWTP registration information through the HYDRAWTP User Platform.  

3) Collection and use of personal data

  The Personal Data and the Registry Data collected, as well as any other information collected, may be used for our team to communicate with you, in order to notify you about your activity related to the HYDRAWTP tools, as well as alerts and system notifications. . In addition, the Personal and Registration Data collected, as well as any other information and access records to the HYDRAWTP tools, may be stored, processed, processed and used by us for the following purposes: (i) To make the provision possible of the services offered by HYDRAWTP in an effective and efficient way, allowing its operation in a fast and safe way; (ii) Carry out analysis and studies related to the behavior, interests and demographic data of Users, in order to understand their demands and needs and to be able to provide more appropriate, effective and interesting services, improving the usability experience of the web platform. from HYDRAWTP; (iii) Perfect our commercial and marketing strategies in order to improve the products and services offered; (iv) Send messages to Users with information on products, services, advertising, promotions, banners and news from HYDRAWTP.  

3.1) Personal data and user rights

  We emphasize that it is the right of the Users to receive clear and complete information, whenever it is formally requested, on personal data eventually collected and / or processed by HYDRAWTP. For more detailed information on how data is collected, the use of cookies and similar tools, visit our Cookie Policy. In addition, Users may always contact HYDRAWTP to request the exercise of their rights of exclusion, rectification, correction and restriction of use regarding their personal data, even providing the personal data requested in an adequate, structured and usual format, always that the applicable legislation guarantees it. Users may also exercise their rights and file claims with the competent data protection authorities to act in their jurisdiction. For the exercise of any of their rights linked to the personal data eventually collected and processed by HYDRAWTP, as well as to send doubts and questions about the matter, Users should contact HYDRAWTP via email   Users whose personal information has been collected and processed on the basis of the consent granted, may withdraw it at any time, without affecting the legality of the collection and processing carried out by HYDRAWTP during that period. Personal data obtained on the basis of the legitimate interest of HYDRAWTP or the need to perform a contract, may be questioned via email   In the event that the user withdraws consent or requests the exclusion of data when it is collected and processed based on the legitimate interest and / or need to perform the contract, the user acknowledges and accepts, from now on, that HYDRAWTP will not be responsible for any loss. / or damage caused to their personal data if the user decides to withdraw consent. We highlight that some personal data collected must, due to legal obligations imposed on HYDRAWTP by the competent authorities, be kept in our files for a legally determined minimum period, even if the User requests its exclusion and / or alteration. By way of illustration, data related to tax documents, financial transactions, tax identity, full name and others necessary to identify a certain financial, tax or fiscal operation will be kept by HYDRAWTP even if its exclusion is requested. It is important to reiterate that it is essential for HYDRAWTP to collect, store and process personal data obtained from Users, in order to enable the provision of the services offered through its web platform. However, we guarantee our Users to apply the best efforts to keep all the personal data collected duly safe, protected and confidential, despite the fact that it is technically impractical to guarantee the inviolability of the data in the event of possible external attacks and system failures. In such cases, we undertake to inform Users what happened and what data was violated, within the principle of transparency and trust that should govern the relationship between HYDRAWTP and its Users. At any time you can request to be excluded from our commercial or advertising lists.  

4) Storage and protection of personal data collected

  All Personal Data of Users collected and processed in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, at the time of browsing, registering in HYDRAWTP, using the web platform, or at any other time of contact / communication between the user and the web platform will be stored in our database, and processed, until the moment the user withdraws their consent so that we can do so. All other data, as specified above, will be retained for as long as necessary for the respective purposes for which it was originally collected. We may also retain information as required by law. for a minimum of 6 (six) months or longer, as long as it is defined by a judicial or administrative order, according to current legislation, or for legitimate purposes of development and provision of services to users. The Data collected by Personal informed to HYDRAWTP, or collected in another way by HYDRAWTP, will be stored in secure databases, within best practices, with access restricted only to employees with the necessary credentials, who are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not to use it in an inappropriate way. HYDRAWTP may store and process Personal Data and other information collected on a server located in Brazil or abroad.  

5) Disclosure to third parties of the registration and personal data collected

  You agree that HYDRAWTP may deliver the Personal and Registration Data, such as the full name, address, telephone and email address to the transport companies contracted for the delivery of the products purchased on the web platform. Likewise, you agree that, ―in an attempt to prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, disputes, complaints about the CONTENT or any indication of illicit committed by Users, which includes the dissemination of SPAM and situations involving potential threats to someone's physical security - their Personal Data and those of the Users involved are provided to those affected. In certain cases, if deemed necessary, HYDRAWTP may also provide the data collected to the bodies and entities involved in the investigation or resolution of conflicts between Users or between Users and third parties, such as insurance companies, arbitration proceedings and other bodies. competent administrative staff. You also agree that HYDRAWTP may share the Personal and Registration Data collected with HYDRAWTP's outsourced service providers, in order to allow the development of their respective activities and make it possible to improve the services and operations of the Platform, but not limited to to them, such as the following services: data backup, fraud prevention services, email and database service providers, invoice issuance, among others. In this case, HYDRAWTP requires that all service providers with whom it shares users' Personal Data include provisions in their contracts that guarantee due protection, secrecy and confidentiality in data processing. You also agree that, in the event of a possible corporate operation that involves the restructuring of the business group that HYDRAWTP integrates, as well as the purchase and / or sale of shares and assets, the Personal Data collected may be considered as one of the commercial assets to be transferred. . In such cases, HYDRAWTP may transfer User Registration and Personal Data if purchased by, or merged with, other company (s). Excluding the hypotheses mentioned in this Privacy Policy, the Personal and Registration Data collected directly by the Platform, as well as the access records to the platform (IP address, date, time and time zone) and the data related to the transactions carried out. carried out through the Platform, they may only be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:  
  • At the request or by specific authorization of the user himself,
  • With a court order.

6) Maintenance of registration and personal data after account exclusion

  You can delete your HYDRAWTP account at any time by accessing your user page on the web platform, any other means intended to achieve this objective being ineffective. If the User makes the corresponding request, in the terms of Item 3.1 above, HYDRAWTP will effect the definitive exclusion of the Personal Registration Data provided by the User at the end of their relationship with HYDRAWTP, within a maximum period of 5 days. The access records (IP), if any, will be excluded as they have been stored for 180 days, by virtue of the legislation in force in each country.  


  We are against any practice that promotes Spam of any kind and we guarantee that the messages sent by the Platform are always of interest or importance to their recipients. In addition, at any time the user can also choose to stop receiving emails from HYDRAWTP, adjust their preferences to receive emails or cancel their account, as mentioned above.  

8) Changes to this privacy policy

  HYDRAWTP reserves the right, at any time, to change this Privacy Policy by updating its content in accordance with the needs for technological improvement or its functionalities. When a change is made to the Privacy Policy, HYDRAWTP will notify its users by email or through a publication in a prominent place on the web platform, asking you to state that you accept the modified Privacy Policy. In the event that you continue to use the HYDRAWTP web platform after notification of the change in the Privacy Policy, this will mean and will be considered as your unequivocal consent and your irrevocable acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in the modified Privacy Policy . To request clarifications and more information about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email, including in the title of the message the following phrase: "Privacy Policy".