Custom Hydroprint Sheets

We are already offering our custom hydro printing sheet service. You can now buy your sheet !!!

How to do it? Very simple, we explain how to do it:

1º You must acquire the amount of linear meters you want is this link:

Custom Hydroprinting Sheets

2º You must send your file, scaled and in the size that you want it to appear on the sheet to the email: In the subject of your email you must indicate the order number that you will have obtained in the previous step.

The dimension of the file must be 60cm wide by 100cm high. You can send a file with a height that is a multiple of 100cm: For example:

60cm x 100cm -------> OK

60cm x 200cm -------> OK

60cm x 350cm --------> NO

120cm x 100cm -------> NO

The file format must be: .jpg, .jpeg, .ai, .pdf, .tif or .psd

Make sure the resolution and quality of the file is correct and enough so that the file is not pixelated in real size. (We are not responsible if the file is pixelated)

It is recommended to always use white, cream, silver or other light colors.

Price per linear meter: 26,99 euros (VAT included)

 custom laminate floor sole rubber hydro printing

 custom print pink panther sculpture hydroprinting
custom foil escalestric cars hydroprinting
custom sheet truffled egg hydroprinting
custom sheet hydroprinting matrioskas
custom sheet hydro printing sculpture