carbon hydro printing kit


Water Transfer PrintingHydrographic Printing or Hydro printing is the process of transferring a design or pattern to any type of material, regardless of the complexity of its form.

In this process a film or water soluble polyvinyl paper film, which we call hydroprint sheets and contain the desired design to transfer. By placing the sheet on the surface of a container of water and thanks to the activator, the film turns into ink, and finally and through the pressure exerted when immersing the piece in the water, the ink adheres to the treated piece. Finally, a protective lacquer, in gloss or matte, depending on what we like best, will protect the hydroprinting for years from scratches and bumps. 

What kind of pieces can I decorate with hydroprinting?

We can apply hydroprinting to a wide variety of materials, such as plastics, metals, wood, glass, ceramics..

In the same way, we can apply hydroprinting on almost any type of geometry: small, large, flat, curved, spherical, with grids, tubular, etc.



What materials do I need to make hydroprinting?

The main materials you need to learn this artisan technique are the backgrounds and primers, The hydro printing sheets and  activator. Finally, it is necessary to apply a lacquer to protect the applied design.

Do you want to do hydro printing?

En HYDRAWTP we have prepared a Hydroprint kit carbon with everything you need to start taking your first steps with the technique of printing in water. With this kit you can do the hydroprinting at home or in your workshop, as it contains all the materials for hydrography.

This kit includes:

  • 1 activator of sheets of polyvinyl paper by transfer to the water in aerosol 400ml.
  • 1 basic instruction manual.
  • 2 square meters of Carbon Gold HFC-098 hydroimpression sheet (50x400cm).
  • 1 black spray paint of 400ml for base or background.
  • 1 clear spray varnish 400ml.
  • 1 fine sandpaper.
  • 1 18mm masking tape.
  • 10 medium-sized powdered latex gloves.
  • 1 disposable mask.
  • 1 digital thermometer.

And if the kit falls short and you want to be a professional in this sector, we invite you to do the 100% practical and personalized Hydroimpression course.

What do our hydro printing courses include?

  • Individual classes taught by professionals.
  • You can bring as many pieces as you want, we will make them so you can see that there is nothing prepared. We will teach you to improvise before any type of piece.
  • Technical advice and resolution of doubts after the course
  • Special discounts on hydro-printing machinery and materials.
  • Diploma accrediting the use of the course.
  • From 10 to 100 bathrooms, depending on the duration of the course and the complexity of the pieces.
  • Hours: 10 am to 14 pm and 16 pm to 20 pm. Date to choose: work and weekends.
  • 20% discount for groups. (From 2 people)
  • Menu meal included.
  • 30% discount on our hydroprinting materials through our online store.

In this video, you will see how one of our students from the hydro printing courses applies a design to a piece. Learn how to make hydroprinting with professionals in the sector!