Top restoration and mimicry of weapons with hydroimpression


Today we bring you a compilation of some of the coolest weapons we have made. As you can see, it is mostly hunting shotguns.

This is a very cool job, since over time the wood, lacquers or plastics give way to the elements, the sun or the humidity, and with hydro printing you can do two things, restore the piece to give it a new look ( including restoration of wooden or plastic parts if necessary); as well as giving it a textured finish with almost any type of effect (wood, camouflage, root wood or carbon).

We always ask about the type of finish, but if it is for hunting, we obviously recommend a matte effect, so as not to scare the piece away or attract its attention with the shine of the weapon.

Currently there are several types of camouflage on the market that are used for hunting, such as camouflages Realtree, kryptek or ATACS, but they are not the only ones, the MARPAT camouflages, in the style of the United States Navy, that are in options of desert y forest, or the multicam they are also widely used options.

There is a recently developed option, the Cabela camouflage, unlike other hunting camouflages does not use a realistic effect print, rather it is a complex pattern made up of spots, fades and 3D effects, which has a representation in our HCA-140. It gives you a versatility that real trees don't have, in exchange for sacrificing a bit of mimicry.