TOP 5 in Carbon Fiber Hydroimpression Sheets


Today on the blog of HYDRA WATER TRANSFER PRINTING let's show you our ranking of the five best carbon fiber hydroprinting sheets. Specifically we are going to make a selection of the most realistic carbon fiber films from our design catalog  and what better results give in our orders. You are ready? Keep reading and don't miss a thing!


TOP 5 in Carbon Fiber Hydroimpression Sheets


1. HFC 125

At number one in the ranking, without a doubt, we have HFC 125 film. This sheet features gray and black fabric with an opaque background. Imitation with very real effect, especially if you give it a  gloss lacquer finish, being the preferred to use in high-end brands of vehicles.



With matt lacquer finish  We found very elegant results as we show you below ...





2. HFC 098


Hydro printing sheet premium carbon fiber with golden and transparent color. Superior quality design due to the nature of the film. Less residue after immersion.






3. HFC 103


This film is the favorite of many of our clients. Its black and transparent fabric makes it perfect with any background color and a sample of this is the amount of work with different backgrounds that we have done. Here we show you an example so that you can see it with your own eyes. What do you think?



4. HFC 122


This carbon fiber sheet is very similar to HFC 125, but it has small nuances that make it unique and different, as we can see in the following works. We recommend using gray background colors for this film. 






 5. HFC 097


Last but not least, we have the HFC-097 SILVER carbon fiber hydroimpression sheet. Without a doubt, a film with a lot of personality. This film belongs to the premium category from our catalog of designs, with a silver and transparent color and, like HFC 098, its quality means that there is less waste after immersion.




Which of all these carbon fiber hydroprinting films is your favorite?


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