Violin holders in root wood


These particular pieces are for an elegant and functional detail. It is a piece that fits over the shoulder and allows the musician to play his violin with some comfort.

A violin is an expensive and elegant piece, and it deserved a splendid finish. That is why we chose our root wood HMR-154 for that task.

How did we get such a spectacular finish?

The truth is that they ask us a lot ^^

  1. As always, you have to clean the piece of any remaining dust and grease, and then qualify, this can be done with a fine sandpaper (low weight)
  2. A layer of primer for plastics, which generates a suitable bridge to fix the base paint.
  3. We use a beige Dark.
  4. Apply hydroprinting.
  5. Clean and let dry.
  6. Apply two or three coats of glossy lacquer for a realistic and protective finish to the part.