The most real Carbon Fiber of Hydroprinting

the most real carbon fiber of hydro printing

One of the most common questions we are asked is what carbon fiber film is more real than hydroprinting we have in our design catalog and we always answer the same; without a doubt, the HFC-125.

This sheet features gray and black fabric with an opaque background. Imitation with a very real effect, especially if it is given a gloss lacquer finish, being the preferred to use in high-end brands of vehicles.

With matt lacquer finish the results also obtain a realistic and very elegant effect as we show you below ...

carbon fiber HFC 125

What is carbon fiber?

It is a synthetic fiber made up of fine filaments 5–10 μm in diameter and mainly made up of carbon. Every carbon fiber it is the union of thousands of carbon filaments. It is a synthetic fiber because it is manufactured from polyacrylonitrile. It has mechanical properties similar to steel and is as light as wood or plastic. Due to its hardness, it has greater resistance to impact than steel. You can find more information clicking here.

What is a hydroprinting sheet made of?

The process Water Transfer Printing use a film of water soluble polyvinyl paper which contains the printed designs that will later be transferred to the object to be decorated.

Once this movie is set in the water, dissolves using an activator, which allows the film to be converted into ink, thus being able to position itself on the surface of the water. Previously, the work to be decorated must have been treated with a wash, sanding, primer and base coat to improve its adherence.

When the piece has been properly treated, it will be ready to be decorated, therefore it is submerged and the design ink will wrap it taking advantage of the water pressure. After the immersion process, it must be rinsed with water to clean it and also intensify the adhesion process.

Once dry, a layer of protective lacquer must be applied to preserve the design on the piece for years and give it a shine. If you have more questions about this artisanal technique of printing in water, you can consult the section on Frequent questions.


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