Hydro printing for vehicle components

Hydro printing in the vehicle sector

What is hydroprinting? 

Hydroprinting consists of a transfer printing technique of a design printed on a polyvinyl alcohol foil or backing resting on the surface of the water.

The transfer applies to different objects of artisan or industrial way, thanks to the action of the water, which exerts a necessary push to adhere the sheet to the object as it slowly submerges; and on the other hand, the activator, which is in charge of diluting the sheet and acting as a primer between the objects to be decorated and the ink printed on the sheet.




Application of hydro printing in the sector of automotive

Increasingly clientes del sector de la automoción they entrust us with works of decoration or restoration of parts that we can find in different vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, quads, etc, regardless of the material they are made of: metal, plastics, wood, etc.

Our clients' preferred designs are: carbon fiber, noble wood, brushed aluminum, among others. You can download our sheet design catalog de water transfer printing clicking on THIS LINK.




What is the treatment we apply to vehicle parts to make hydroprinting?

The treatment consists of physical and chemical processes of surface abrasion, to guarantee good adhesion, such as sanding, degreasing and the application of a two-component primer.

Next, the object is decorated, first applying a background color and then dipping the pieces to achieve the desired result.

Por último, nuestro diseño debe protegerse de los  ataques químicos, roces,  etc. Esto se consigue gracias a la aplicación de los barnices de automoción (brillo o mate) y de alta resistencia.




What parts of the vehicles can we decorate with hydroprinting?

We can apply this technique to both exterior parts: rims, diffusers, skirts, spoilers, spoilers, mirrors, grills, etc; as much as interiors: moldings, center console, seats, air vents, gear lever, steering wheel, etc.

In general, we can submerge any part that is less than 3 meters in size, so practically any part of a car, motorcycle, quad can be decorated by means of the water transfer printing technique.



What is the durability of the water printing technique on automotive parts?

We always use the best materials on the market, specific to give our work the maximum guarantee and quality. In general, the manufacturers of these materials offer a 5-year warranty.

What services does Hydra Water Transfer Printing offer in the automotive sector?

Hydra WTP offers all the services related to the artisanal methodology of water transfer printing:



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