Kawasaki Z750 Motorcycle Hydroprinting


Today on the blog of Hydra Water Transfer Printing we show you one of our latest works by Kawasaki Z750 hydro-printing motorcycle.

For this occasion, our client has chosen the hydro printing foil With the code HCA 140, a film characterized by its pixelated camouflage design with a grid and a cream and opaque green background. 

The customization of the bike has been impressive, without a doubt now it will be more spectacular. What do you think?

Below we have a little history about the motorcycle for all those who are interested in acquiring a new one like it or the style, or simply, are lovers of motorcycles and speed:

"The  Kawasaki Z750  It is a standard 750cc (46 cu ft) inline four cylinder motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki from 2004 to 2012. It is a smaller version of the Kawasaki Z1000.

The Kawasaki Z750 was launched in 2004 as a budget model, after its older brother, the Z1000 in 2003. Kawasaki released a revised version of both the Z750 and the Z1000, with many stylistic and mechanical changes. In 2011, alongside the standard Z750, they launched the Z750R, which has improved suspension and brake components and slightly revised styling. "

In the Official Site From the brand you can find more technical information and the history of this peculiar model.

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