Marble effect hydroprinting


Hello everyone, today we present a project that we have been passionate about as well as entertaining, a terrarium. How can a terrarium entertain? Easy, make it look like another material.

The piece that we present here is made of white plastic, the order, a challenge, to turn a piece into an elegant object of marvelous red marble (rather reddish).

For this we got down to work and followed the steps that we always recommend:

The process

  1. Clean and refine the piece,
  2. Apply plastic primer to provide a bonding surface between plastic and paint
  3. Let's print the piece in white, using a white primer to affection
  4. We apply the sheet HMM-031 , with an air of Alicante red marble
  5. Once clean, we apply a highly resistant matte primer.


An elegant and realistic piece made with hydroprinting:

If you liked it and want to know more about our work, do not hesitate to contact to comment your doubts or directly ask for your budget!