Hydroprint Car Porsche Panamera


Are you a lover of cars and all kinds of vehicles? Today we show you a work of hydro printing for car that has been spectacular. It is one of our most delicate and beautiful orders that we have ever had. The vehicle in question is a Porsche Panamera.

For this occasion, our client has chosen the hydrographic carbon fiber sheet HFC 103 with gray base and gloss finish to personalize your car. If you look at the photographs you can even see our reflection in the pieces. Impressive!

"The Porsche Panamera is a fastback luxury five-door, four-seat, manufactured by the German automobile company Porsche. The model is also known as "Panamiur".

It has a front engine and rear wheel drive, although more powerful versions have all-wheel drive. The most powerful engine could be a modified version of the 8-liter gasoline V4,8 of the Porsche Cayenne, equipped with the direct injection system of the Grupo Volkswagen. The base engine would be a 6-liter V3,6, similar to the restyled Cayenne, and there's even a hybrid version in mind.

The Panamera is generally considered to be the expected fruit of the prototype. Porsche 989 late 1980s. Some argue that it also presents itself as a successor to the Porsche 928, which was great tourism. "If you need more information about this vehicle you can find it by clicking on the following link.

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