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What is hydroprinting?

What is the durability of the piece once the process is applied?

What kinds of items can be decorated with hydroprinting?

Can you decorate an object in a mixed way? (airbrushing and hydrography) or with lines?

Does Hydra Water Transfer Printing respect the environment?

Can Hydra Water Transfer Printing apply discounts to my orders?

I am a manufacturer and I am interested in decorating pieces for my clients

Is hydro printing an expensive process?

The pieces that have not been correctly decorated, can they be remade?

How long does it take to decorate an object with hydroprinting?

What is the quality control of the final product with hydro printing?

Can objects subjected to high temperatures be decorated with hydroprinting?

I have a workshop and trade and I want to decorate my pieces with hydro printing for my clients. How can I work with Hydra WTP?

Does Hydra Water Transfer offer guarantees?

What help can I get to solve my doubts?